2001 - Mazda - Atenza

Technical Specs of This Model
1. Atenza 2001
General Information
Make Mazda
Model Atenza
Production Year 2001
Production Number
Model Code
Model Family
Chassis and Dimensions
Chassis Type 4/5S SAL
Number of Doors 4
Wheelbase 2675 mm     (105,3 in)
Front Track 1540 mm     (60,6 in)
Rear Track 1540 mm     (60,6 in)
Length 4670 mm     (183,9 in)
Width 1780 mm     (70,1 in)
Height 1435 mm     (56,5 in)
Ground Clearance
Length / Wheelbase Ratio 1,75
Weight Distribution (front/rear)
Fuel Capacity
Drag Coefficient
Frontal Area
Engine Specifications
Engine Manufacturer Mazda
Engine Location Front
Engine Alignment Transverse
Engine Construction
Coolant Type Water
Engine Type DOHC
Number of Cylinders and Placement S-4
Valves per Cylinder 4    (Total of 16 Pieces)
Engine Displacement 2261 cc     (137,98 cu in)
Bore 87,5 mm     (3,44 in)
Stroke 94 mm     (3,7 in)
Bore / Stroke Ratio 0,93
Unitary Capacity 565,25 cc/cylinder    (34,49 cu in/cylinder)
Number of Main Bearings
Compression Ratio
Fuel System Type EFi
Aspiration Type Normal
Compressor Type -
Intercooler Type None
Catalytic Converter Yes
Maximum Engine Power
Maximum Engine Power rpm
Maximum Engine Torque
Maximum Engine Torque rpm
Engine Torque at Max. Engine Power rpm
Power / Weight Ratio
Power / Engine Displacement Ratio
CO2 Emissions
Fuel Consumption
0 - 80 km/h
0 - 60 mph
0 - 100 km/h
0 - 160 km/h
80 - 120 km/h (in top gear)
0 - 400 m Acceleration
0 - 1000 m Acceleration
Top Speed
Gearbox and Transmission
Transmission Type 4A
Top Gear Ratio
Final Drive Ratio
Drive Wheels FWD (Front Wheel Drive)
Handling, Suspension Geometry and Brakes
Steering Type
Steering Turns (lock to lock)
Turning Circle Diameter
Suspension (front) I.DW.
Suspension (rear) I.MultiLi.
Brakes (front/rear) VeDi/Di-S-ABS
Brake Disc Diameter (front)
Brake Disc Diameter (rear)
Wheels (front)
Wheels (rear)
Tyres (front)
Tyres (rear)