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1920 - Renault - Torp├ędo Type GS

Technical Specs of This Model
1. Torp├ędo Type GS 1920
General Information
Make Renault
Model Torp├ędo Type GS
Production Year 1920
Production Number
Model Code
Model Family
Chassis and Dimensions
Chassis Type 4/5S SAL
Number of Doors 4
Front Track
Rear Track
Length 3600 mm     (141,7 in)
Width 1700 mm     (66,9 in)
Height 1800 mm     (70,9 in)
Ground Clearance
Length / Wheelbase Ratio
Weight 1000 kg     (2202,6 lb)
Weight Distribution (front/rear)
Fuel Capacity
Drag Coefficient
Frontal Area
Engine Specifications
Engine Manufacturer Renault
Engine Location Front
Engine Alignment Longitudinal
Engine Construction
Coolant Type Water
Engine Type
Number of Cylinders and Placement S-4
Valves per Cylinder 2    (Total of 8 Pieces)
Engine Displacement 2121 cc     (129,43 cu in)
Bore 75 mm     (2,95 in)
Stroke 120 mm     (4,72 in)
Bore / Stroke Ratio 0,62
Unitary Capacity 530,25 cc/cylinder    (32,36 cu in/cylinder)
Number of Main Bearings
Compression Ratio
Fuel System Type
Aspiration Type Normal
Compressor Type -
Intercooler Type None
Catalytic Converter No
Maximum Engine Power 10 HP     (7,5 kW)
Maximum Engine Power rpm 1800 d/d
Maximum Engine Torque
Maximum Engine Torque rpm
Engine Torque at Max. Engine Power rpm 39,6 N.m    (1800 d/d)
Power / Weight Ratio 10 HP/ton    (7,5 W/kg)
Power / Engine Displacement Ratio 4,7 HP/litre    (3,5 kW/litre)
CO2 Emissions
Fuel Consumption
0 - 80 km/h
0 - 60 mph
0 - 100 km/h
0 - 160 km/h
80 - 120 km/h (in top gear)
0 - 400 m Acceleration
0 - 1000 m Acceleration
Top Speed 65 km/h   (40,4 mph)
Gearbox and Transmission
Transmission Type 3M
Top Gear Ratio 1 : 1
Final Drive Ratio
Drive Wheels RWD (Rear Wheel Drive)
Handling, Suspension Geometry and Brakes
Steering Type
Steering Turns (lock to lock)
Turning Circle Diameter
Suspension (front)
Suspension (rear)
Brakes (front/rear) Dr/Dr
Brake Disc Diameter (front)
Brake Disc Diameter (rear)
Wheels (front)
Wheels (rear)
Tyres (front)
Tyres (rear)