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Total Stats (October 2010)
Monthly Page Views : 100.000
Monthly Unique Visitors : 32.000
Daily Page Views : 3.226
Daily Unique Visitors : 1.032
Motorsporlari.net (Turkish Site) Stats
Monthly Page Views : 70.000
Monthly Unique Visitors : 21.000
Daily Page Views : 2.258
Daily Unique Visitors : 677
Motorsporlari.net (English Site) Stats
Monthly Page Views : 30.000
Monthly Unique Visitors : 11.000
Daily Page Views : 968
Daily Unique Visitors : 355
Motorsporlari.net's stats were taken from Google-Analytics.
Motorsporlari.net has an unique content which draws 85% new visitors. These new visitors came mostly from Google Search Engine.
New visitors are very rare but preferred feature for advertisement publishers, because this feature means that your banner will be seen by new visitors continuously and that will result to more clicks. That's why Motorsporlari.net's Click-Through Rate (CTR) is very high. In July 2007 our CTR is 1,55% on Google Adsense banners. In general Click-Through Rates which are higher than 1% are very successful. Most commonly a CTR which is equal to 0,5% is considered as normal.
Motorsporlari.net's whole content is published in 2 languages, Turkish & English. Motorsporlari.net's Turkish content is published under www.motorsporlari.net domain. On the left side you can look at the stats of 2 web sites indivually and totally. For more detailed stats please send an email to us. Requested stats will be compiled from Google-Analytics by our team.
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As we mentioned above, Motorsporlari.net is published in 2 languages and Turkish site is displayed under www.motorsporlari.net domain.
You can place your banner on every section and every area with a preferred dimension. For example your banner can be placed only in Car Technical Specs section, on top of the page with a banner dimension of 468x60 pixels. Banner costs will ve calculated using section stats, banner dimension and banner visibility.
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